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My advice for teachers

After I survived my first few years of teaching, I started working with new teachers and student teachers to mentor them through their challenging adventure. At the end of each year, the newbies would tell me I should write it all down and share it with all new teachers around the world. One teacher (Leslie, you will remain anonymous!) asked me to, at least, write it all down for her. So I did! She got the first copy, a MS Word document, of my book, A Lesson Plan for Teachers, New and Old: A Guide for Student Teachers, New Teachers, and the Experienced Ones!

It has been a great success so far, and the feedback from teachers has been so wonderful. I hope it will continue to help new teachers (and the experienced ones) as they tackle each new school year with the same confidence and enthusiasm that I do!

My book is available for download at or at in print version.