How Is Your Year So Far?

How is your year so far? Are your lessons successful and your classes learning at the pace you planned? Do you feel like you are reaching all of your students? Do you have any questions or concerns?

Share your thoughts, questions, and concerns!

Do not think that your failures are yours alone!

Do not think you are the only one out there with problems in the classroom!

Teaching is a tough job. It is not something we all do seemlessly, without any hesitations or regrets. We each go into our classrooms and try our best, but sometimes we see failure as well as success.

And despite what some seem to think about a teacher's role, it is not your burden to bear alone. Teaching students, and bringing success for that child, is a collaboration. It REQUIRES the help of the parents, the core teachers, the elective teachers, the bus drivers, the cafeteria workers, and so many others. It is true that "It takes a village."

So, when you find yourself questioning your place in the classroom, or just your latest lesson, look for input and advice from others who walk in your shoes!

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Michele Luck