The Technology Initiative

Back in the spring, the teachers of my district were notified that our district planned to roll out a technology initiative that would be one of few in the United States. As part of that program, all teachers were provided new Macbooks and trained in technology use for our classrooms.

Being a teacher who has used technology in my classroom for over a decade, I was so excited at the great move toward modernizing our district and preparing our students for the real world. I was so excited that our students would each be receiving macbooks (all students grades 5-12), and that we would have all the access we needed to make our lessons 21st Century. I was so excited that my district would take the lead in incorporating technology, and that we would be ahead of the race against all other districts across the United States. I was so excited!

As the school year started, and the rollout began, I maintained my excitement. I have created lessons for the technology to be utilized in my classroom, and I have researched the latest and greatest in student technology products for my Social Studies classes. And as our students began getting their computers, I have been pumping up the enthusiasm for this incredible learning tool.

So, what is the lesson of this blog entry? Where is the punchline?
There isn't one!

The lessons from this great technology is ahead of us. What we will learn from this rollout is yet to be seen, but I am completely optimistic that great things will come from this great leap of faith taken by my district and our superintendent.

We have taken a great step forward in preparing our students for the world they will be facing in the next few years. With these macbooks, our students will learn to navigate the internet and will adapt to the ways of communication in our modern world. And more importantly, from this great experiment, our students will learn another valuable lesson. They will learn that we entrusted them with a wonderful gift, and we have placed the greatest tool for learning in our modern world in their hands. With our guidance and support, the rest will be up to them.

Another great step for man, and a giant leap for mankind! :)

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Michele Luck