Is It That Time Already?

Where has the time gone? Last time I looked up, Spring was just beginning, and now we are talking about testing schedules and the final days of school! Already?

This time of year can be many things. It is very bittersweet for many. It can be frustrating with the many obligations and out-of-the-ordinary activities. It can be sad with the older ones going off to a new place. And, honestly, it can be a happy time for you - who doesn't love a break?!

However, the one thing you do NOT want to be this time of year is UNPREPARED! With all of the craziness comes student insanity. Those little angels can turn into demons with the slightest lack of routine or FREE TIME. Whoever thought up the idea of free time needs to be placed in a school of 1000 students all with nothing to do!

So, let me offer a bit of advice for these final days of the year:

  1. Keep the lessons coming. I'm sure there is something that could be taught. For many, you will find yourselves with entire units that have not even been pulled out from under the dust. Do them now! Here is a fun service learning unit for upper elementary through high school!
  2. Bring in the big guns! Not literally! But this is the time to impress. Bring in your favorite lessons or the ones that just get and keep their attention. I save my lesson on genocides for the very end of the year. Nothing better for high schoolers than death and destruction. Sad, but true.
  3. Play games! Yes, there is a big difference between free time and organized game play. In addition, those games can be educational. They can even be review to help your students retain more information from your year.
  4. Talk! This one sounds crazy, but you should take the last days to actually talk to your students. Believe it or not, they will give you far better advice and feedback for your coming years than any one-time observer in your room.
  5. And finally, say your goodbyes! Share with your students what you have found special about them. Set up a classroom forum or discussion circle where everyone can share their good times and the bad. But more importantly, they can say the goodbyes they really want to share with each other before the time is lost.
Some will say this is just the end of another year. They will not think there is any room or need for pomp and circumstance. But, having taught the years that I have, I can tell you that you will never get those kids back again. Even if the same student returns in another year, they are not the same kid. Time changes them, and it changes us.

Happy End of the Year!


Some options to fill your FREE TIME!
Scavenger Hunts - I have many throughout my TPT and TN Stores!
America, Canada, Mexico, China
End of the Year Games and Team Relay Races
World History Review, Geography BINGO
Cumulative Projects
Travel the World, Travel the US
Fun Activities
Cultural Paper Dolls, Important People Character Collages

Michele Luck