Just a heads up to my faithful followers!  
I will no longer be classroom teaching, so I have TONS of teaching materials for Social Studies and Language Arts.  I will be listing things in the coming weeks, but if you have any special requests or know a new SS teacher, contact me!  

Oh, and don't worry!  I will still be working on curriculum development and classroom implementation and management!  Add in a touch of technology, and... a new challenge!

Here's a short list:
Desk Map Sets w/Markers
Mapping US History Atlas Class Sets
Mapping World History Atlas Class Sets
Geography Workbooks
Great Depression LARGE Pictures w/Content Captions (Many Dorthea Lange)
Immigration LARGE Picture Set w/Content Captions
Vietnam Requim Content Package
Class Set of Bubba Gump (Forest Gump) Newspapers (Fun!)
Holocaust, Holocaust, and MORE Holocaust Materials
Copies of Three Cups of Tea, A Single Shard, Things Fall Apart, The Bread Winner, and The Pigman
World History Binder with Year's Plan and Activities
U.S. History Binder with Year's Plan and Activities
Middle School US Binder
Middle School Ancient - Middle Ages Binder
Facing History Materials
Motivational Posters
Michele Luck