Over the last five years, attendance for my school, my district, and my state has plummeted.  Students are simply not coming to school.  There are many reasons for this, but in the end, it leaves students lost and so far behind in my Social Studies class when they miss day after day.  To make matters worse, I am one of those "change the room around, set up the Center, transform the class into a Walking Tour" kind of teachers.  These elaborate lessons take up days of class time for students to complete, and those who are absent... Well, often times, they just miss out.

In the past, I have resorted to my mortal enemy to help those who miss the big events in my class.  Despite my hatred, and despise, I hand my lost students over to... the textbook.  It is always with regret that I reach over to the dusty pile of books and pull one out, searching for the appropriate pages, to hand to the student who has missed it all.  But what else could I do? 

Then it hit me...

I have many followers of my TpT Store that comment on how they love my "Walking Tours" and Centers activities.  But, they too, have struggled with how to work the "make-ups" for those who miss the lessons.  Still, it didn't click.  Then I had a fellow teacher tell me she loved my activities, but there are some topics she just needs a quick fix for with all of the required testing and other time her classes must spend off the normal schedule.  Ah, ha! 

At first, I thought I would call them "One Page Wonders."  A quick coverage of the key facts on specific topics in history.  Other teachers (and workbook publishers and textbook companies) call them handouts or worksheets.  I finally decided on (after being unable to get it down to "one page") "Front & Back" Reading Assignments!

Early Renaissance in Florence
Northern Renaissance
 So, when you have students that miss the big events, or your class time gets stolen for that important pep rally - here you go.  The quick review of the key topics!  Finally... but why didn't I think of this 15 years ago?!

Michele Luck