Social Studies Classroom & Lesson Resources for SALE!

I told you this day would come!  I am packed up, I've moved out of my Social Studies classroom, and it is time for me to move on - without all of my great goodies...  This is good for you!

I will add items throughout the next few days.  I would prefer to sell them through my blog and through facebook, so please send your SS teaching friends to take a look.

Keep in mind that these are all hard good resources.  My things are coming straight from my classroom where I handled them with great love and great care!  You are getting incredible resources, and your students will be so excited with all the new toys.  :)

On a more business note...  I am listing the prices I would like for each item.  These will all need to be shipped from Western KY (42301).  I plan to use USPS Media Mail, which should reduce the shipping cost significantly, but some of these sets are darn heavy!  They are bundles I have put together that I think make the most sense, and I know will greatly benefit the teacher.  Still, some are almost 50 pounds, so the shipping will need to be considered.

Also, I plan to try to send invoices from Paypal.  I have never done this before, so please be patient with me if you decide to buy my stuff!  I will work as quickly as possible to pack, process, and ship!  I'm hopeful everyone who buys will have the materials to use in preparing for the new school year!

As you find what you would like, comment on the item or send me a message.  Please include your zip code so I can get the shipping costs and your email so I can send you back an invoice.  I will bundle things to make the shipping better for you; just let me know.

And... I'll keep adding things as I get them sorted and organized.

Happy Teaching!

Much More to come...
Michele Luck