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The Middle School Conference

This week, I've had the pleasure of representing a group of TeachersPayTeachers sellers at the North Carolina Middle School Conference.  With samples of their products in hand, I was able to meet and talk with middle school teachers from across North Carolina to tell them about the great people and products they can find on TpT!

It is always a wonderful experience to meet with teachers.  They share their ideas and they talk about their concerns, with all comments in the interest of our students.  The best part for me, however, is when I meet up with teachers that have never heard of TpT, and they respond to the information with such appreciation and enthusiasm.  What could be more exciting than finding out you don't have to reinvent the wheel in your classroom everyday, but can still teach students with the latest and greatest, common core aligned, fun-filled, engaging activities out there?!

For those of you I met at the conference, here are the links to those super teachers I shared with you.  Visit their stores to see all of the incredible resources they have available.

Social Studies:
My Store!  Michele Luck's Social Studies
Arlene Manemann

Lindsay Perro
Miss Math Dork
Mary Carr Math
Tracee Orman
Jen Maschari
Angie Kratzer
Laura Torres
Arlene Manemann
Science Stuff
Jen Maschari

I Am Bullyproof Music

Foreign Language:
Spanish Plans

All Subject Areas:
Always Learning