Spring Fever AKA Classroom Chaos

As your students begin to lose focus and their behavior starts to reflect their desire to be anywhere but in your classroom, it is time to prepare yourself with the tools you need to keep the chaos from getting out of control!  And just keep in mind, the end is near...

I always loved my students, but as Spring set in, they turned into these crazy creatures that stared out the windows and whose thoughts wandered off to playing outside (or driving their cars for my high school sophomores!).  They almost drove me crazy!  So I quickly learned, that I had to be prepared.
  • First of all, I had to keep them busy.  I could not let them have one moment of "down time" or any freedom to find their own time fillers.  I knew where that would lead.  Keep your students busy on doing what they should be doing until the very last days of school - LEARNING!  
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  • Next, stick to your content and stick to your routine.  It will make your life so much easier and your days far less stressful.  Students thrive when they are in structured environments.  And sadly, they falter when they are not provided that structure they need. 
  • Another suggestion is that you make learning fun.  This is the time to bring back in the review games and the activities that keep them engaged while learning.  
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  • For older age groups, turn your lessons to more controversial or intriguing topics.  This will keep their attention through drawing their interest and allowing them to engage their emotions in the lesson. 
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  • Finally, for those students who cannot focus and must have a plan for maintaining their classroom behavior, have a plan in action.  Sometimes you can simply make that students your "helper" to keep them busy, or a behavior contract may come into play. 
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Spring is also the time to enjoy your time with your kids.  Soon, they will be moving up to the next grade, and you will miss each and every one.  Take time to reflect on the year.  Spend time doing what you enjoy.  And last, but not least, enjoy the outdoors together.  Some of the best learning for my students took place outside as we all sat in a huge circle on the grass.  Notebooks and learning resources in hand, we all took in the sun as we took in our content!

Happy Spring!


Michele Luck