A Quick Planning Tip: Course Bookmarks!

Planning to teach World History or U.S. History this fall?  

Need an easy tool to organize yourself and your students?

Want to set your students up with a quick reference for understanding the chronology of the course?

Consider creating (or buying) Course Bookmarks!  

List out the units you will cover through the semester or through the school year.  Print them out on colorful card stock and present them to your new students on the first day of class. 

Use them as a lesson starter, a cause and effect tool, a timeline prompt, or as a research choice option.  Have your students check off units as they are completed, write "what you think will happen in..." for each unit based on the unit title, or use the outline as a study guide for the semester or year review.

Instruct your students to carry the bookmarks throughout the school year.  Offer them bonus points for the end of the semester if they keep and utilize the easy tool!

Oh, and for new teachers that aren't exactly sure what or what not to include... here's your outline for the course.  Keep it in your plan book and use it to help you with curriculum mapping or just remembering where you are in the year!

Don't have time to create this valuable tool?  Find them in my TpT Store with variations for different states and grades!  Each set comes with a number of implementation ideas, in color, and in black and white.


Visit my TpT Store for other great Teacher Tools and Classroom Resources to start off the new year right!  And don't forget to plan with super Social Studies lessons and activities throughout the year.
Michele Luck