An Amazing Conference & A Super Sale

What could be better than learning about new resources and then finding out they are on SALE?! A SUPER SAVINGS SALE!

Thank you for visiting with us at the California Teachers Conference in Sacramento!  We always love talking with teachers at the conferences, and more importantly, we love sharing such incredible resources that can help you transform your classroom into one that is engaging and standard-strong without your having to reinvent the wheel!

Below you will find descriptions and links to the stores of those teachers you saw represented at the conference.  Be sure to visit their stores to find incredible resources  Link to our Pinterest Conference Page to visit their blogs for great tips on implementing fabulous lessons in your own classroom.

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Super Secondary Sellers
Visit Michele Luck's Social Studies for interactive Social Studies and ELA resources.
At Science Stuff you will find everything you need for the middle & high school science class.

Mrs. Orman's Classroom has everything you need for the ELA classroom, especially for Hunger Games!
The Tutor House can set you up with everything for your tutor business or fun for your classroom!
4mulaFun with bring fun and excitement to your middle and high school Math class!
Addie Williams has everything you can imagine for the Science, Social Studies and ELA classroom!
Visit All Things Algebra for all things Algebra, and more!
In Arlene Manemann's store you can find resources for ELA, Math, Social Studies and more!
Math resources galore can be found at 4 the Love of Math!
Desktop Learning Adventures for Math & Literacy offers differentiated activities and more!
Literature Guides, ELA games, and much more can be found at Different Drummer Secondary Resources.
Everything for the Math classroom can be found at For the Love of Teaching Math!
Let the HappyEdugator provide you with the engaging ELA resources you need!
Aspire to Inspire your students with these creative teaching resources!
Let Miss Math Dork make your classroom cool with her fun and engaging resources!
With help from Misty Miller, you can bring fun and excitement into your classroom!
In the Open Classroom you will find everything you need for Secondary Language Arts.
Animate your Math classroom with Preptoon Common Core resources!
Science in the City has the resources you need to help your students investigate their world.
Make your Spanish class fun with resources from Spanish Plans.
Put some heart in your Math class by visiting Teaching Math by Hart!


Excellent Elementary Sellers

Christine Maxwell
Debbie Bryant
A Series of 3rd Grade Events
 Rachel Lynette & Minds in Bloom

Primary "Teach"spiration

SOL Train Learning
Marcy Prager
MJ Creations
Rainbow City Learning
Sallie Borrink
Selma Dawani Learning Fundamentals & Educational Therapy
The Teaching Files
Outstanding Sellers for All Grade Levels

I Am Bullyproof Music will help you beat bullying at any grade level.
Visit Subplanners to help you set up your classroom while you are away!

And be sure to shop these sellers' stores on TpT this week for great sales of up to 20% off at checkout!  Sales will run at the discretion of each individual seller.

Happy Teaching!
Michele Luck

It's the End of February!

The month is almost over, and if you have forgotten, it was the month for so many celebrations!  We celebrated our presidents and we've celebrated Black History.  Or did we?  So many of us, all across the country, including the South this year, have been home with Snow and Ice Days, instead of learning and celebrations!

That leaves a decision for you to make... Will you address the holidays and teach your students about the contributions made by these groups?  Of course, you will!

Here's a few helpful resources to get you through the celebrations and back on course in your Social Studies or ELA classes!

  1. Take a Walking Tour with the Presidents!
  2. Place President Scavenger Hunt!
  3. Review the Presidents with a Presidents Matching Game!
  4. Investigate Important African Americans with a Biography Card Set!
  5. Evaluate the Contributions of the Civil Rights Movement Heroes!
And let me put a little bird in your ear... March is just around the corner!  Are you prepared?

Women's History Month - Use my Important American Women Biography Cards to celebrate significant American women and their contributions.

Mardi Gras - Take a Walking Tour of the Mardi Gras and paint the day purple, green and gold!

Happy Teaching!


Michele Luck

The Importance of Geography

Teaching middle and high school Social Studies requires the application of lessons or activities to integrate Geography. Do your students learn as much Geography as they need to be successful? I love the Dollar Tree tip! #geography #lessons #teaching
As we travel the United States, I am more and more amazed at how little I know about my own nation's Geography.  I thought I knew it all, but there is still so much to learn.  Yet, in many districts where I have presented, I have talked with teachers and administrators who feel that Geography is unimportant in the Social Studies classroom.  WHAT?

Geography sets the foundation for everything we learn in the Social Studies classroom.  Without learning the Geography of Africa, Asia, and Europe, how can we understand the spread of Christianity or Islam?  If we do not know the expanse of the oceans, how can we begin to understand the challenges faced by the early Explorers?  More importantly, if we do not understand basic Geography skills or the basic Geography of our own nation, how can we possibly begin our travels to check off the to-dos on our bucket list?

So, how do we teach Geography in a way that it is not mind-blowing memorization and repetitive skills practice?
  • Teach country or state locations using map puzzles.  Every Dollar Tree has 50 piece US and world maps for just $1.  Can't find them at your local store?  Make your own!  Print out the map you want your students to learn on card stock and cut it up in pieces.  Make it a competition and your students will be even more engaged!
  • Use online practice games to help your students learn the location or shapes of countries and states.  Learn U.S. and World Geography in a number of ways with Sheppard Software.  It's a FREE site with so many learning games and engaging activities!
  • Allow students to work in pairs or small groups to learn and practice geography skills.  Use graphic organizers and content guides to help students navigate for the information they need.
  • Address skills with holiday or event topics to keep students working on skills and geography tasks while their minds and bodies would rather be elsewhere.  Try my FREE Football Stadium Longitude and Latitude Activity to get them started!
  • Use activities that allow students to move around the classroom to "travel" the country or the world.  Set up Walking Tours to take students where the school bus can't!  Through visuals, sound clips, and video, students can see the world from your classroom.
  • Find streaming video cams to let students watch the world around them.  Visit zoos from around the world, experience Times Square during rush hour, or cross the Golden Game Bridge as the sun is setting on the Pacific Coast!  At you can literally travel the world for FREE!
  • Guide students through controversial issues and hot topics from around the world through Response Group Activities.  Utilize websites such as National Geographic for up-to-date articles and great visual documentaries.
  • Quiz students with fun webquest scavenger hunts you can create using applications like  This one helps students enhance their technology skills while reviewing their Geographic knowledge.  Start with my Geography Scavenger Hunt for a quick skills review!
Need more help?  Travel over to my TpT Store for my Geography Complete Course or for Geography lessons and activities on all parts of our country and world!

Teaching middle and high school Social Studies requires the application of lessons or activities to integrate Geography. Do your students learn as much Geography as they need to be successful? I love the Dollar Tree tip! #geography #lessons #teaching

Happy Teaching!

Michele Luck

A Walking Tour? What is that?

Back in the good ole days of teaching, we were able to pack up our students and take them, with assistance and funding from parents and our district, to museums, historical sites, and even cemeteries if we could show there was a lesson involved.  Then came NCLB and a number of other funding issues, and away went our fun little trips for knowledge.

Along came the classroom Walking Tour.  It's simple, and called a number of different things by different teachers.  It may be a Gallery Walk for an art class, a Museum Wall for a History course, an Aquarium Viewing in a Science room, or just a Walking Tour where you hope to keep your students engaged as they learn using a number of strategies and while addressing a number of the multiple intelligences.

Your work comes entirely before the activity begins.  You set up your classroom, or hallway, or entire school building with images, quotes, factual tidbits, full readings, video, music, and so much more for students to investigate as they take the tour.  Hang things on walls, sit them on desks, utilize bulletin boards, or float items from the ceiling.  And then, sit back and watch the learning take place!

Chaos, you imagine?  Not if you do it right! 
  • Arrange students in "good working" pairs or small groups for movement from location to location.  
  • Set up an online stopwatch to keep students on a workable schedule.
  • Include many visuals, fun activities for students to complete, music, video, and more to keep students engaged.
  • Require students to complete tasks or record information at they travel, and always remind students they will be required for all provided content.
  • Float!  As students are taking the tour, travel around to engage students in conversation.  Ask them questions, share with them what interests you about the topics, or simply comment on their perceptions and insights as they share with each other.
Walking Tours can take students out of the typical classroom setting, allowing them to forget that they are in a boring building learning boring content.  It makes learning fun, and before yo know it, your students will love coming to class, ready to take the next trip you plan for them to visit.

Where do you want to go next?

Try my ready to use Walking Tours for the Social Studies, Science or ELA Classroom:

Walking Tour of the Roaring 20s

Walking Tour of the Industrial Revolution (one of my favorites!)

Walking Tour of Asia

A Walking Tour with the Presidents

A Walking Tour of Florence during the Renaissance

A Sailing Tour of the Columbian Exchange Route

Happy Teaching!
Michele Luck

Why Should We Study Individual Presidents?

Whether it's President's Day or any other day in the school year, secondary teachers often question how to teach about the individual presidents of the United States. Click to learn how to make studying the American leaders with fun and engaging lessons and activities! #presidents #presidentsday #americanpresidents #teaching #lessons
As a first year teacher, many years ago, I was given the task of teaching Government to freshmen.  There are so many challenges in that task, but for me, one that stood out was teaching about the executive office.  I battled with myself about which presidents to include and which ones to leave out.  My big questions was always, "Who is worthy?"  Which presidents deserved my precious classroom time?

In the end, I usually bailed out by allowing students to complete projects in which they picked presidents to research and present, always answering the question, "Why were they significant?"  Then, years later, when no longer teaching government, but a Women in History course, I realized the correct answer for my quandary.  Teach them all.

For my students to get the greatest benefit from my class, it is important that they see themselves in history, and in our future.  More important, they must see themselves in those we do hold to high acclaim; in those we consider important.  As our times change, and our students grow even more diverse, I think this lesson is even more important.  And, while for women this lesson is still a challenging one, we can still find traits in those leaders of our past that remind us of ourselves, our goals, and our dreams for the future.

Need some resources to teach about those great men (and some not so great) from our nation's past?  Visit my TpT Store for a number of great options!

Here are links to just a few:

President's Fun Facts Scavenger Hunt

Presidents Matching Card Game

A Walking Tour with the Presidents

The Presidents Centers Activity

American Presidents Facebook Timeline Activity

And one last idea as we celebrate President's Day this month... Ask your students what they would do as president of the United States.  It will give you great foresight in how to plan for your future!  :)

Whether it's President's Day or any other day in the school year, secondary teachers often question how to teach about the individual presidents of the United States. Click to learn how to make studying the American leaders with fun and engaging lessons and activities! #presidents #presidentsday #americanpresidents #teaching #lessons

Happy Teaching!

Michele Luck

Teaching with the Olympics

I spent many of my teaching years next door to a teacher who "taught" with every sports event televised.  He showed basketball games, football games, and even local golf events that were shown on our local channels.  Now, if he were a math teacher, I could have seen the powerful lessons building in the classroom.  But he was like me, a Social Studies teacher, charged with teaching our students about our government, our country, and our world.  In my humble opinion, he was an epic FAIL!

But then comes along something like the Olympic Games.  This is a Social Studies lesson waiting to be explored.  It is a worldwide event that is gaining the attention of our students with the exciting sports competitions, the extravagant celebrations, and the news reports surrounding the safety of the international visitors to Sochi, Russia.

So, what can you do that will still address your state and district standards?  Try these ideas:
  • Examine the geography of the Olympics.  Where is Sochi, Russia?  What is the physical geography of this location?  How may the physical geography affect the games?
  • Trace the competitors of the Olympics.  Where are the American competitors from in the United States?  Map the locations and compare their challenges in preparing for their sports competitions.
  • Where have the games been held before?  Practice identifying countries or tracing latitude and longitude to keep your students' skills sharp.
  • What is the history of the Olympics?  When did it first begin?  What was its purpose then?  What is its purpose now?
  • How have the Olympics impacted the regions where they have been held?  What are the costs incurred in hosting the Olympics?  What are the benefits for a country to be host?
  • Investigate current events.  How do the Olympics impact other world events?  Is terrorism an issue at the games?
And there are so many other options for you!  Make it fun!  Keep it engaging!

My grand-baby after her first performance!

And remember, the Olympics starts with a dream for each of the athletes.  What was your dream as a child?  What are your students' dreams?   Why are these dreams important?

Oh, so many relevant lessons to learn!

Happy Teaching!
Michele Luck