It's the End of February!

The month is almost over, and if you have forgotten, it was the month for so many celebrations!  We celebrated our presidents and we've celebrated Black History.  Or did we?  So many of us, all across the country, including the South this year, have been home with Snow and Ice Days, instead of learning and celebrations!

That leaves a decision for you to make... Will you address the holidays and teach your students about the contributions made by these groups?  Of course, you will!

Here's a few helpful resources to get you through the celebrations and back on course in your Social Studies or ELA classes!

  1. Take a Walking Tour with the Presidents!
  2. Place President Scavenger Hunt!
  3. Review the Presidents with a Presidents Matching Game!
  4. Investigate Important African Americans with a Biography Card Set!
  5. Evaluate the Contributions of the Civil Rights Movement Heroes!
And let me put a little bird in your ear... March is just around the corner!  Are you prepared?

Women's History Month - Use my Important American Women Biography Cards to celebrate significant American women and their contributions.

Mardi Gras - Take a Walking Tour of the Mardi Gras and paint the day purple, green and gold!

Happy Teaching!


Michele Luck