It's Coming...

The last weeks of each school year are always the hardest.  There are just so many factors coming into play, making each day its own challenge.  The students are antsy, you are thinking about your summer plans, and yet you have so much you have left to teach, and honestly, it begins to set in that you will miss these kids, no matter how cantankerous they have been through the year.

One of my favorite shows is The Middle on ABC.  When Axl graduated from high school, he and his mom fought about everything.  They even had a comedic throw down in the front yard, rolling around in the grass, over his wearing black socks to his graduation.  And then, as he crossed that stage, it hit both Frankie and Axl... it was an ending.  She would have to let him fly off to college in the fall, and she just wasn't ready to let her boy go.

It's the same way for every teacher.  There are those we simply loved, the ones we worry about being ready to go, and the ones we've just connected with that we now feel "need" us to continue on their path.  Letting go is just so hard.

How should you handle your babies graduating to the next grade or to the next stage in their lives?

I have one piece of advice... buy the softest Kleenex you can find.  A big box.  And be prepared to be sporting that red nose and those watery eyes on all those last day pics!

P.S.  Need a quick and easy survey for your last day?  Take a look at this one!

Happy Teaching!

Michele Luck