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Teaching Styles and Strategies: Change It Up!

Most likely, you have taught your first few days or weeks with a safe and dependable teaching style.  You have used the same methods or strategies that you've practiced in years before, and you are comfortable.  So... it's time to Change It Up!

Stepping out of our comfort zones is always a challenge, but the task is a requirement for the benefit of our students.  And the easiest way to justify this for yourself is to answer the following question:
Are this year's students the same as last years?

If your answer is NO, your old style just may not be effective.  If your answer is YES, think about last year.  What has changed in the world since then?  Do your students have more internet access?  Are they more engaged in social media?  Are their parents more or less involved?  Do they care more or less about learning?  And most importantly, were your methods 100% successful last year?  If not:

Change It Up!
Changing your teaching style can be a difficult task IF you are resistant!  So relax!  Tackle the challenge like you would work in a new pair of shoes!
  • Add new methods and strategies one at a time.  
  • Seek ideas from the superstar teachers in your building or district.
  • Request feedback from your students after implementing new strategies.
  • Follow blogs and other online resources, including webinars, for new ideas.
  • Find great activities that will change up the norm.
  • Switch up seating arrangements to change the classroom climate.
  • Allow students a greater role in content selection and instructional delivery.
  • Display student work and evaluate the learning that IS evident through the assessments.
  • Open up your personality and recreate yourself in your classroom.
  • Accept that teaching is 99% performance, and train accordingly!
Transforming your classroom can be a great challenge, but the benefits for your students can be tremendous. More importantly, as you learn to change things up, you will find a level of stress relief you may not have known before.  Teaching can be fun!

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Happy Teaching!