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Day of Giving 2016 #historygives

Today is the 2016 Day of Giving.  

For me, that means I am donating my TpT Store sales to my choice charities.

The top of my list is always the Make a Wish Foundation, and they will receive 80% of my sales today.  Through my donation (and others) they will fulfill the wishes of children with terminal diseases, helping them to experience their wildest dreams before their time is gone.  I'm a huge fan(atic) of Disney World, so I've seen this foundation's work in action, and my heart always beats a little faster and my eyes usually swell with tears when I see the happiness and joy in the eyes of these children and their families. It's a charity I support all year, every year, and always will.

However, I am also a huge advocate of Pay It Forward.  Pay It Forward, to me, is about so much more than the monetary donation. It is about action, mindset, and empathy. It is about helping others, but also changing yourself to see the world differently - to see it where we are all connected, interrelated, in a way where we do all depend on each other for survival, and also for happiness.

In addition to donating my sales for this one day (not enough for me), I have chosen one of my more popular and universal products, the American Geography Task Card Set, to serve as a permanent donation, with all sales going to these two charities all year (and forever).  I've marked the title of this product with #historygives and I know others in my TpT History community are also participating in this great movement.

While I have been a bit tongue-tied recently, and my blog has sat still in silence, this day has gotten my fingers moving again.  I hope it will also encourage others to dig deep into their pockets to help make a difference, not only in the lives of those closest to these charities and others participating, but also to make our world a better place where love always trumps hate!