It's all over! Isn't it?

School's out! School's out! Teachers let the monkies out! One went east, one went west...

I remember singing that as a kid. Shows my age, I know. And now, I hear it every year from my peers as we finish up the school year and pack down our classrooms for the summer break. But, is it really over for teachers? Do we really close up shop? Is there ever a true "break" from being a good teacher?

For me, the simple answer is NO! I even drive my husband crazy on vacation as I sit in the hot tub on the cruise ships talking about my classroom ideas or the new lesson plan that is swirling in my head. We even started one vacation with the promise that we would "lie" about what we did if asked by anyone on our vacation. I decided I would be an investigative reporter from NYC and my husband (an assistant principal) chose to be a recruiter for a major league baseball team. It didn't work. The first time someone made a comment about a child, there I went..."In my classroom..."

So, just deal with it. It's a reality that good teachers are good teachers year round. It is in our blood and we cannot resist the urge to plan and create and CARE about our kids (even the ones we haven't met yet). And for many, especially all of my friends and teacher family on TpT, the summer is our most creative and busy time for producing and organizing our products for the coming school year.

It is who we are! And I am so happy about that. I couldn't imagine being anything else!

Now, as I rant and rave about my love of teaching and my summer break, I think about the new teachers just graduating from their college programs. You are using this summer to plan, prepare, and panic! Don't worry. It will all come together, I promise.

My advice for you, and all teachers, is simple. Do not acknowledge that your school year begins on August 11th or whatever day it is scheduled by your district. Instead, begin your work days (8-3:30 or whatever your hours will be) 2 weeks before. Go to school if you have access. Sit in your desk, and work! Plan, create, organize, prepare. It will be the most beneficial 2 weeks you have of your first year!

And one other piece of advice as we begin our summer for rest and relaxation between our teaching years... Read! Pick a good book and read. Need a suggestion? Try my book! (I had to get a plug in here somewhere, right! :)

A Lesson Plan for Teachers, New and Old! A Guide for Student Teachers, New Teachers, and the Experienced Ones!

Have a great summer everyone!
Michele Luck

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