Oh my! Just days away...

It is almost time! Just days away! Can you believe it... SCHOOL SHOPPING TIME!

Now, this season is a dread for most parents, but for teachers... oh, this is so fun! The catch is that you must find the best deals to stock up your classroom.

Here are some of my favorite tips:
1. This week is the Teacher Appreciation Week at most Office Depots. This means you will get 20% most of your purchases and on Saturday morning you can go to a free breakfast and pick up your teacher goodie bag!

2. Penny Perks! Staples Stores offers items each week for just 1 cent. The ad will limit the items to 2 or 3 for regular shoppers, but teachers may purchase up to 20 (or 25 in some locations) of the item at the 1 cent deal! Stock up!

3. Kmart is accepting double coupons this week. Use all those bic pen and kleenex coupons now to stock up your classroom on the basics.

4. Coupon Mom and Krazy Coupon Lady online will provide you some of those coupons for your needed school supplies. Print the coupons and go shopping!

5. For those big projects you have coming up... Go to Walmart, Lowes, Target, Home Depot, etc and ask to talk to a manager about a store donation. You will need to do this in advance, and you usually need to provide a detailed letter requesting your supplies, but they will DONATE your items. FOR FREE! Lowes supports my Trench Warfare activity (it's a big deal with a ton of farming plastic!), saving me over $150 a year.

6. And finally... Saving the BEST for last...
TpT is having the Back to School Sale next week! Start looking for your TpT Newsletter for the 10% off coupon code and check out the homepage for stores that are offering additional sales and discounts for the big event! My entire store will be on sale from August 1st-5th! Wow!

One last piece of advice about back to school supplies: Just ask! You will be surprised with the offers stores will make to support your classroom. In return, make sure that you show them the love with your shopping and by spreading the word to your friends and co-workers!
Michele Luck

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  1. Is possible to see the Staples penny perks online somewhere instead of going to the store and maybe not wanting whatever it is? I looked on there website but didn't find it. I thought maybe I was looking in the wrong place?


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