Spring Blooms

As the grass is beginning to turn green again, and the flowers are beginning to bloom, it is inspiring to me that my students are finally coming around to "get it." After months of my "forcing" history on them, and utilizing engaging and thought-provoking activities, they are finally to the point where they agree that history is interesting. Ironically, this is also the point in the year when history becomes even more disturbing.

As I begin my WWI unit, students are sitting up taller, and they are asking the in-depth questions that I long to hear. They are intrigued by the new weapons, curious about the soldiers living months in the trenches, and saddened by the letters sent home from the chaplains informing the mothers of their lost sons. More importantly, they ask the right question: Can this happen again?

That is my open door. My inspiration. They are in, and I have an open floor to introduce to them our modern world and their role in it. And, after months of hearing the groans of "Why do we have to learn this?" it is finally coming home. Too bad all of the soldiers didn't get the same opportunity.

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Michele Luck