Fall Break!

It is so hard to believe that we have already been in school for 9 weeks, but it is true!  And, starting Monday, we are on our 1 week Fall Break!  Where will I be?  Of course... Disney World!

As I join my favorite friends for a week, I want to remind those of you in the classroom... Sometimes it is important that we are not all serious!  Sometimes it is important for us, as teachers, to just be kids!

 On that note... I'm going to suggest one of my favorite units ever - My Lorax Service Learning Unit.  I use it every year in every class.  It takes us out of the norm, and even at the high school level, it just lets us all be kids again.  And yes, of course, there are valuable lessons - Community Service, Peer Tutoring, and even Reading Skills!  So, if you must be stuck in the classroom while I am playing at Disney, make it fun!


Michele Luck