Applying for that Perfect Teaching Job

It's now time for the teacher graduates to begin their job hunt!  There are few jobs out there in some areas of the teaching world these days, especially in certain regions, specific grade levels or content areas, but it can be done!

Do not get discouraged, and remember this key piece of advice:  It's all about getting into the building.  My husband was a December graduate, and his first position was as a full time sub, landing him into the building that he would teach at the majority of his career.  His hiring philosophy was simple - If they will hire him, he will do it!  And they did!

Keep in mind, though, that getting the job requires your being interviewed.  You must be seen by the administrators in the building, and they must know your interest.  Get out there!  Go to the schools where you can see yourself being successful, and walk in the principal's office.  Be confident, and be enthusiastic.  It is not about "knowing someone" all of the time.  You can also get to know them and have just as much success!

While first impressions and your public speaking ability can provide immense information about you and your ability to teach, you must provide them something to HOLD.  Think about it - When you go to the car lot to look at those shiny new cars, what does the salesman insist you do?  Hold the keys.  If you hold those keys, there is a chance you will feel like it is yours and they you must take it home.  In the case of the principal - they must hold a piece of you so they can feel the need to bring you into their school family.

So, what do you leave for or with the administrator?  I have you all set up!  Download my FREE Application, Resume, and Interview Packet Templates to help you prepare.  Follow my tips and advice, and land that interview!  Then, it's all on you!  Be confident!  Show them who you are and all you can offer.  In no time, you will be responsible for all those little ones under your feet!  Or, in my case, all those big ones staring you in the face!

Good luck!
Michele Luck