Finding Resources Online - A Secondary Blog Hop!

It is often difficult to find just the right lesson for the Secondary classroom.  Many of us are set in our own ways, and it makes it hard for us to accept second rate lessons or to fall back on age-old textbook resources for those lessons we just can't take the time to create for ourselves.  Thank goodness for TeachersPayTeachers.  Through this online marketplace, teachers can now find quality lessons they can feel confident about using in their classroom with their students!

This week we Secondary teachers are holding a Blog Hop to help you meet some of the teachers who are working hard to develop quality lessons on TpT.  Start at any point on the Hop, and find your way through the Secondary World!  Bookmark the blogs you enjoy, and be sure to visit them again for great advice, new ideas, and of course, awesome resources!  And, of course, make sure to leave comments and follow the blogs to be entered to win our great prizes!

About me:  My blog is all about teachers!  It is based on the ideas presented in my book, A Lesson Plan for Teachers, and I attack topics I feel need to be addressed for new or struggling teachers in all grade levels.  In addition, I am constantly posting new items, free and priced, to help teachers stock up their classrooms with the most up-to-date and exciting lessons they can find for the ELA and Social Studies classroom!

In my TpT Store, you will find everything from resources to help you get started as a teacher to ELA materials for the secondary grades to a whole treasure trove of Social Studies lessons and activities! 

Choose from my latest and greatest Freebies!

A Walking Tour for the Winter Holidays - allow your students to travel around the world to investigate how other countries celebrate the season!

The Twelve Days of Christmas Acts of Kindness Contracts - teach about giving this holiday season and allow your students to brainstorm how they can make the season brighter this year!

The New Teacher Application Packet - getting that first interview can be the greatest challenge.  Use these templates and pieces of advice to make sure you stand out in the hiring process!

A "Front & Back Assignment" on the Northern Renaissance - tired of juggling the students who miss your great interactive lessons?  My "Front & Back" assignments supplement for those who miss the Walking Tour Centers Activity and will allow you to stay on track!

Canada Scavenger Hunt Game - playing to learn is the oldest trick in the book for teachers, but it works!  Allow your students to play their way to learning about or reviewing the Human Geography of Canada!

And, not a Freebie, but a MUST for every classroom:

The Human Game Board Kit - turn your classroom into a human game board to review any content.  Allow students to create the questions or use the test bank questions to make sure students know the knowledge you want them to know for the upcoming test or for the entire year!  A number of these game sets are available in different colors and themes in my store!

And take a look around MY TpT STORE for other great resources!  You never know what you may find that can turn your classroom into an interactive world of learning every day!

Want to win a Human Game Board Kit?  Leave a comment on this blog, and be sure to hop to each of the others to leave your comments there to enter!

And now - Hop on over to the next blog for great Science resources:  Sciene Teacher Resources.


Michele Luck