Celebrating Cinco de Mayo!

On May 5th, many across the United States of America and in Mexico will be celebrating their heritage.  Most Americans misunderstand this celebration, thinking it is Mexico's independence day, just like Americans celebrate every July 4th.

Cinco de Mayo is not Mexico's Independence Day.  It is actually a celebration that has become more popular in recent years and in cultural enclaves across America to head respect to the Mexican heritage of standing strong and fighting to preserve your territory against foreign invaders.

In simplest terms, May 5th is the day that Mexican forces defeated French troops sent by Napoleon III to claim Mexican territory in exchange for debt owed to France by the struggling, young country.  The battle took place in state of Puebla, where it is typically celebrated in Mexico each year.

So what is Mexico's Independence Day?  It is celebrated oN September 16th each year in honor of the "Cry de Delores" or call to arms by the independence leader, Miguel Hidalgo, against the Spanish in 1810.

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo in your classroom this year with a fun Scavenger Hunt on Mexico!  Who knows what else your students may learn?!

Happy Teaching!
Michele Luck