I'm Off To Make the Donuts: Your Boring Curriculum Problems Solved

Every Social Studies certified teacher could be assigned a number of different courses in the Social Studies Department.  My first year of teaching was just that nightmare, with 6 different preps within 3 different courses.  I taught both honors and general (collab) courses in Government/Economics/Geography, World History, and U.S. History.  Who is equipped for all that?  After some initial adjustment, I was!  BUT, then came those topics I just hated.  I hated studying them myself, so having to teach them to my students was just torture.

What did I do?

Oh, yes!  I assigned student research and presentation projects!

Now I know better!

As my students presented their projects each year, I was tortured even further.  Not only was I enduring the topic I didn't love, but I was also being taught the content over and over by those who could not teach!  And rightfully so; they were not trained!  I was.  So, I did the only thing I could do:  I created my own resources and activities.

That was many years ago!  Since that time, I have created many resources, but I have also traveled the country to show others how they no longer need to reinvent the wheel (or the resources).  Thanks to the internet, and sites like TeachersPayTeachers, incredible, teacher and student-tested resources can be found to save you from the torture I suffered!

The lesson here: Do not be afraid to admit defeat, or a lack of interest, in some of the things you will be tasked to teach in your Social Studies classroom.  While we are all college educated, we are not, and never could be, knowledgeable on every topic in our department.  It's just not feasible (unless you are Sheldon Cooper!).

So, what is your least favorite topic?  Find mine here!

Happy Teaching!

Michele Luck