Checking All the Boxes

As you near the end of the semester, it's time to check off all the boxes on your list of to-dos for each of your classes.  If you are a CCSS or standards-based school, that means making sure you have addressed every standard.  For most, the challenge will have been addressing nonfiction and primary sources.
So, to help you out, I've found a great list of primary sources you can use in any classroom to help you keep your students engaged and learning while meeting the standards.
The analysis part comes next, and that can be as simple or complex as you wish it to be for your students.  Use a simple format requiring checks or lists, or ask students to examine the documents for inferences and significance.
  1. Type of Document
  2. Creator or Author
  3. Date or Time Period
  4. Purpose of Document
  5. Audience of Document
  6. Interesting Features
  7. Key Document Details
  8. Evidence to Support Details
  9. Evidence of Bias or Perspective
  10. Significance in History
And then if you need ready-made primary source analysis materials for your classes, please jump over to my TpT Store to see all the projects I've completed this year including my US Primary Source Analysis Bundle, the Legislative Document Analysis Bundle, the Supreme Court Case Analysis Bundle, my SPRITE series, and more!

No matter what you plan, be sure to include this FREE SPRITE Organizer in your lessons.  It will help your students gather and organize the key details in any Social Studies classroom!

A quick list of primary source documents and suggestions for analysis to help meet standards in the secondary classroom. #primarysources #analysis #highschool #middleschool

Happy Teaching!
Michele Luck

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