Monday Mapping: Planning for 2nd Semester

Mapping is a very important skill in my life.  I map EVERYTHING!  I map out our travels (Mapquest is my best friend!), I map out my day, and I always mapped out my lessons, units, and semesters for the most simplified and complete planning of my classroom instruction.

Curriculum mapping can be as simplified or as detailed as you want, but it can help you to know where you are headed, what you have to cover, and how you plan to do it all in the little time you have available.  You can create your own, or use a template, but either way, cater it to what you need for your classroom and your students.

Here are a few images/ideas to get you started:

And here is a basic curriculum map template available FREE in my TpT Store!

Tips and Ideas for curriculum mapping to make unit and lesson planning easier in the secondary classroom. A great read for back to school or starting the new semester. #curriculummap #lessonplanning

Happy Mapping!
Michele Luck

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