Out of the Deep Freeze: My D.C. Inspiration

On our most recent trip to Washington, D.C. we spent a great deal of time walking around the monuments.  While I had visited most of the monuments before, the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial was new to me, and as we walked through, took pictures, and read all of the provided information, I was so inspired to create. 
And then...

All of my ideas went into the Deep Freeze!

With so many other projects on my To-Do List, I simply did not have time to pull up the images and notes I took on creating an awesome MLK resource until over winter break.  And then I suffered brain freeze.  After 2 days of staring at the pictures and reading and re-reading my notes, I finally remembered what I wanted to do with the materials... I wanted to use the quotes for a great analysis activity!
So, here it is: My Martin Luther King, Jr. Quotes Analysis Task Card Activity Set uses the greatest quotes from the Civil Rights Leader and our D.C. trip images to encourage analysis, evaluation, and application of the informational text.  After the analysis of the 14 quotes from the Memorial, students are provided a number of options for comparing tone, examining topics, or addressing current events through the words of the great leader.

And the timing couldn't be more perfect for this activity to come out of the Deep Freeze.  Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is coming up on January 19th AND the ELA Buffet and Desktop Learning Adventures are throwing an Out of the Deep Freeze Linky!

Be sure to take a look at all my MLK activities, and definitely hop through the Linky to find other great resources for your classroom this semester!

Happy Teaching!
Michele Luck

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