Quick Thought Thursday: A Hot Tub Conversation on American Education

When you are living life on the road in a motorhome, the one thing you do not have is a bath tub, and the shower just doesn't do the trick for sore muscles after spending the day out on my bike or walking the parks.  So, off to the the hot tub I go!

When I go to the resort hot tub, I sit and listen.  It's a challenge for me, since I am the natural teacher, and my first instinct is always to share my two cents.  But, over the past three years of living in RV resorts, I've learned that I cannot teach anything to the (mostly) seniors in the bubbling water.  My words are worthless because I am too young (ha ha ha) to know and understand anything about the world.  You would think this would be frustrating for me, but instead I find it humorous, and my hubby and I simply sit, listen, and share looks, understanding each other's thoughts and often rolling our eyes for emphasis. 

And then the two men, close to my own age if not younger, stepped into the tub, and the conversation took to the state of education.  After some typical complaining, the discussion turned into a list of what students really need...


Basic Math

And Choices

Oh, and there is no need for Social Studies.  "Kids don't care about history, so there is no point in wasting their time with those classes."

"Yeah, what do they learn in those classes that are valuable anyway?'

"Nothing.  They need to look to the future, not be learning dates and names of presidents."

"Well, they should know their rights, but they can learn that by living."

My urge to speak was desperate.  Citizenship, Geography, Responsibility, Appreciation for the Rights and Freedoms they have now... Or, simply to learn the skills they need to be better learners and better citizens in any situation.  But I stay quiet.

"Money is just wasted with so many of the classes they are required to take now."

"If they just gave the kids more choices, they would behave better, too."

Good point on that last one! Stay quiet.

"They have the right to get a good education, and they are just not getting it anymore."

"Someone needs to teach these teachers what the kids really need."

They laugh.

Why do they have those rights?  How do they have those rights?  What have others done to guarantee the rights we have today?  And by all means, create an academic program that adequately prepares our kids for the future.  No, no need for Social Studies classes anymore.  After all, don't you already have everything you want, deserve, and NEED? (sarcasm)

The water is, all of a sudden, too hot for me to tolerate.  And the air is suffocating.  I'm out.  But before I go, I just can't be quiet...

"Kids learn, first, from their parents.  Ignorance can be educated, but only when it has a chance."

Happy Thinking!

Michele Luck

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