Quick Thought Thursday: New Year New Format!

I don't do New Year's resolutions!  There's no point anymore.  After 45 years of life, I've learned that IF I'm going to do something, I just do it.  If I'm going to make a needed change, it's done.  
But then again... 
What's a better time to start something fresh than on January 1st?

To freshen things up, and to respond to requests from my loyalist readers, I am going to follow a posting format this year.  It's simple.  It's complete.  And it's more organized than what I've done in the past.

Here we go!

Monday Mapping will focus on everything classroom.  I hope to address current issues,  present valuable resources, and suggest interactive or reliable strategies to help engage students and keep them learning.

Travel Tuesdays will help us document our travels across this continent and (hopefully) beyond.  Having crossed the country this past year, we have so many pictures and stories to share.  More importantly, we have great lessons we've learned that may help you, too!

And finally, Quick Thought Thursdays will address anything I want to address!  It will be my open forum to step up on my soapbox and share my thoughts and opinions on everything from educational policy to homeschooling to the rights and wrongs of society today.

I hope you will check in and read each post, and please share your thoughts and comments, too!

Happy Mapping!  Happy Travels!  And, of course, Happy Thinking! 
Michele Luck

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