Quick Thought Thursday: Scavenger Hunt Bonus

I have never been one to offer random bonus points to my students.  Assignments were always valuable in my eyes, and I did not want to dismiss any lesson for the sake of a boost.  However, I recently had a discussion with a friend about a struggle many students have with the new standards, and my mind started wondering.  Maybe, just this once... offering bonus points could be valuable.

Recognizing informational text is a challenge to students.  I'm not sure why this is the case, but it may be as simple as their over-thinking when it's really a simple thing!

With that in mind, help them see how simple it is to find informational text around their homes, in their neighborhoods, or in the community at large.  Offer bonus points for those who scavenge for samples over a week-long period.  At 1 point per piece, allow students the chance to earn up to 10 or 20 or 100 participation points or homework points for their efforts.  Have the students share their samples, explaining the resource and its possible uses, extending the lesson and its value even further.

Just imagine the resources that could come into your classroom.  Just imagine the lessons that could be learned from them!

Happy Thinking!
Michele Luck

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