Tuesday Travels: Sand in My Toes

About this time last year, we headed west.  It was not our first time visiting the West Coast, but this was our first time spending such a large amount of time in the Pacific Time Zone and being able to take in all the sites.  Over the 10 months we were traveling, we met so many incredible people, saw so many amazing places, and shared so many breath-taking experiences.  But, one place always comes back to mind, especially when I am stuck inside on a cool, rainy day!

Oceana is right on the ocean in the middle of California's Western coastline, just south of San Luis Obispo (The Happiest Place on Earth) and north of Santa Maria.  We stayed at Pacific Dunes RV Resort, and once we pulled in, I knew my feet would be buried in the sand for the length of our stay! 

Outside my window, the view was amazing.  In the distance was the blue of the ocean meeting the blue of the sky, and in between stood mound after mound of sand, looking like a desert of sandy mountains spanning for miles.  And the sand was warm and soft, feeling as though it was melting as it seeped between your toes as you walked over the vast surface.

We walked the dunes and the beaches day after day of our trip.  The sun was graciously bright, and the waves crashing into the coast sang a song so beautiful, I could listen to it over and over.  Oh, and the adventure was incredible as we climbed each huge dune, only to step slightly forward at the top to begin a casual slide that would take us to the very bottom of the valley below.  And then we'd climb the next...

The beach was also one of the most amazing I'd ever seen.  The sand dollars and starfish were everywhere, and little streams formed in the sand as the waves crashed ashore.  We spent one afternoon collecting shells to send home to our grandbaby, and the rest of our time was spent walking in the foam at the water's edge.

So now, when I'm cold or blue on a dreary day, Pacific Dunes is my daydream.

Amazing, simply amazing.

Happy Travels!
Michele Luck

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