Tuesday Travels: Where It All Started

For most of my adult life, I lived and taught in central Kentucky.  Sharing my time between Frankfort and Lexington, I was surrounded by history and the hustle and bustle of big city (well, they think it's a big city!) life.  Ironically, when living there, I seldom took advantage of all the region had to offer.  Only after traveling most of the United States and Canada over the past 2 years have I realized that each and every location has something significant to share.

With traveling full time, we use central Kentucky as our starting and stopping points for all other travels.  Our daughter and grand-daughter are there, and both growing up way too fast, so we tend to stay a month with each visit, spending time together and seeing the sites we never took time to explore before.

What's there to do at our home base?  Let me tell you!

Kentucky was the earliest frontier outside the 13 colonies and home to Daniel Boone's Wilderness Trail and the Ft. Harrod settlement, Whitehall Mansion, Lincoln's Birthplace, and so much more.  It is also surrounded by the beautiful Appalachian Mountains in the east and the Lands Between the Lakes in the west.  And if you like horses, they are everywhere from Churchill Downs Race Track in Louisville to the KY Horse Park in Georgetown.  And just a day's drive through central KY will take you past horse farm after horse farm with the amazing creatures running through bluegrass pastures and hanging out in the incredible barns (many much larger and more fancy than most homes).

If you are more into attractions, you can check out Corvettes at the Corvette Museum or travel below ground in the many caves, including Mammoth Caves just north of Bowling Green.  In the same region, you can step into Australia for the day at a really neat park, Kentucky Down Under, where you can see kangaroos, groom sheep, and perch with the birds.

And I must mention, despite my desire to ignore, the many sporting events that are not only prominent, but required for survival, for so many Kentuckians.  Be very careful during football and basketball season to wear either red or blue, depending on your proximity to the major cities and their rival teams.

So, what is my favorite thing to do when we are in Kentucky?  It's tough to choose, because I love both the lakes all around the state and the trails, especially at Natural Bridge.  But I have to admit my absolute favorite place to be in the state (other than being with my family) is traveling on I-75 North as you come over the top of the hill overlooking my original home... Ohio!  It is simply an amazing view!

Happy Travels!
Michele Luck

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