Quick Thought Thursday: The Title of Teacher!

If I had not been called to teaching as a career, I would have gone to Law School to eventually become a judge.  I am not shy at all about sharing my opinions, and being able to rule my opinion on cases would have been the ultimate high for me! 

Now that I've retired from the classroom, I sit home and watch Judge Judy rule on ignorance, and I am often wishing I could take over her robe upon her retirement so I could slay those fools that actually agree to the swatting they deserve on public television!

Today's show really caught my attention; it was a simple employment dispute, but the message shared by Judge Judy quickly shifted from the dispute to the State of Education in America

Watch this short clip HERE!

Finally, we hear from a public media source the value of a TEACHER.  While it is only on Judge Judy, it is about time that the title TEACHER is more understood to be someone who is trained in EDUCATION and knowledgeable about the skill of TEACHING

Bravo, Judge Judy!  I concur 100%.

Happy Thinking!
Michele Luck

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