Tuesday Travels: On the Mountaintop

After working the California League of Schools Conference in Sacramento, we were both tired and ready to rest for a while, but we had no idea how much rest we could get at our next destination!

In getting directions together for our stay at Lake of the Springs Resort in Oregon House, CA, it appeared that the location was a bit remote.  That was an understatement.  While we were only about 35 minutes from Beale AFB and the commissary there, we were about 45 minutes away from any other civilization.  This reality forced us to shop well at the commissary, and we resigned to the fact that rest would be our focus for the two week stay.

Despite our first fear of having too much time on our hands, we were quite surprised by the amazing scenery and entertainment that met us at Lake of the Springs.  For one, the views were spectacular.  We woke up each morning in the clouds and had the privilege of watching the sun rise and the clouds drift out of the valley just outside our door.  And looking over the valley below us was so inspiring from the varied shaped trees to the amazing architecture of houses that sat on the cliffs.

All during the day, we were visited right at our campsite by a number of creatures!  The deer came to feed on the little berries growing in the trees around us, and they would spend the day feeding and grazing in the grass.  And from the row over, camping neighbors came to visit us as they walked each day, sharing ideas and recipes.  But the most interesting visitors were the ones who sat down at our picnic table and shared their lives with us, far more than we needed to know, and offered to share their medicinal supplies!  Uh, wow!  No, we don't!  But, thank you for offering!  OMG!  We finally felt like we were officially in California! 

And that was it!  Peace (offered through a number of outlets!), beauty, and rest with a mountaintop view for two weeks in Northern California!

Happy Travels!
Michele Luck

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