Bright Ideas Blog Hop: Playing Games for Year End Review

As we get closer to the end of the year, and to testing season, it's important to review.  But no rule says review cannot be fun!  Here's an idea that I used in my classroom year after year, and it's loved by all grades and all levels of students!  Turn your classroom into a Human Game Board, and let your students play!

Creating a game board is easy!
  1. Move all of the desks and tables to the sides of the classroom.
  2. Layout game tiles (numbers, letters, or blank pieces or card stock) to identify the game board direction.  Place one per floor tile to allow enough student space.
  3. Add in some bonus or penalty tiles for greater competition. 
  4. Group students into teams, but rotate out players for the game board each round.
  5. Use a regular set of dice or purchase a big, foam set at Dollar Tree for bigger fun.
  6. Start the game!  Offer tiered rewards for each team as they finish.
  7. Encourage fun competition, and your students will learn without realizing it!
Creating the review questions can be more challenging!  Here are a few ideas:
  • Use a unit study guide, asking for term definitions, concept clues, or other responses.
  • Print task cards for students to draw, requiring they complete the task before moving on to the next square.
  • Set up questions on the board, each covered by a flip up card that matches each game board space.
  • Allow teams to create the review questions ahead of time, and rotate the teams questions for all to use.
  • Organize stations or centers at corner locations, where tasks or skills must be reviewed by the whole team before they can progress in the game.
  • Set up a Jeopardy board, allowing students to pick their question value to equate to the progress they can make on the board (5 steps for $500).
Most importantly, have fun!  And encourage your students to have fun while they learn.  It's truly the best way to review the year.

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Happy Hopping!

Michele Luck

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