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The Secondary Smorgasbord Blog Hop is on again, and this month's theme is "Curious to see What's Growin'" in our Secondary classrooms!  Since I'm not in the classroom this year, I decided to tell you a bit about my latest project - A series of Primary Source Analysis Activities based on Words of the World.

Having taught both U.S. History and World History for years, I know it can sometimes be challenging to introduce authentic world pieces into your classrooms that will not be repeated again from the U.S. perspective the following year, especially when dealing with worldwide events where the U.S. also played a prominent role.  This led me to seek out primary source pieces that can give students that world perspective, while still addressing the topics and events on the course curriculum map.
So far, I've had a ton of fun researching topics such as the Romanov family execution, the letters from Gandhi to Hitler, personal accounts of the Ferdinand assassination, first hand descriptions of the Irish Potato Famine, and so much more.    I'm hoping to make this a course-long bundle like I currently have for U.S. History, but that means I still have a long way to go.  Thankfully, I love reading the history of our world, so it will be a fun trip for me!

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