Confidence Building at the Beginning of the School Year

After a few weeks in the school year have been tackled, I often stop to reflect on my year so far.  It's at that point when I question everything, including my own knowledge and skillsWhat do I know?  Am I really prepared to teach the whole year?  Can I do this?

Tips for building teacher confidence at the beginning of the school year
With that in mind and this Bright Ideas Blog Hop on my schedule, I decided to team up the two topics.  So, my Bright Idea is to to build my back up my CONFIDENCE by getting back to the basics. For me, a Social Studies teacher, the basics fall into the subject of Geography.

Geography can be tough.  There is just so much to know, and it is constantly changing.  Still, I play a few games to refresh: Both my knowledge and my ATTITUDE!

So, it's time to test your skills!  Can you find your way through a Geography Scavenger Hunt Quiz?  Can you follow directions?  Do you know the basics?

You and your kids will love navigating through this fun, FREE activity, all the while reviewing the basics of geography!  Try it - start with the following link:

Answers - I'm not giving them to you!  You can figure it out!  I am confident you can.  :)  And then, you can create your own Wix scavenger hunt for your students!

If this is just too easy for you, jump over to one of my favorite practice websites, SheppardSoftware, where you can tackle the basics in every subject area with games and fun activities!  And best of all, you can build up your confidence for FREE!

For other great ideas, please follow my A Lesson Plan for Teachers Blog, my Pinterest Boards, and my TeachersPayTeachers Store!

Happy Teaching!
Michele Luck

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