End of Year Review? Play Games!

At the end of each school year, students are restless, but they still need to be enticed to prepare for their end of year exams.  In my classes, I let my students create and play games!
Creating and playing games allows students to practice many skills and review content we have learned in the Social Studies class through the year, but it also reinforces the need for students to work together and to complete large tasks on a short timetable - a great skill for their futures.

Creating board games can be implemented in a number of ways to best fit the needs of your individual classes.  Make the project as big or as small as you want to fill the end of the year and prep your students at the same time.
Most importantly, give your students time to play all of the games created.  Game play not only reviews the course content, but it allows students to compete and to interact with each other in a fun, engaging way!

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Michele Luck

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