How-To Use Quiz Cards for More Interactive Assessments

Need new, creative ways to assess student learning?

Try using a Quiz Card Activity!

Here's the simple how-to:
  1. Select questions to provide a complete assessment on the content taught. 
  2. Create quiz cards or purchase them ready-made.  If cards are not already numbered, write numbers on the back or add number stickers.  Visit my TpT store for great Scavenger Hunt Sets that work very well with this activity.
  3. Laminate cards to protect them from year to year.  Hole-punch card sets to place them on a ring for easy storage.
  4. Place students in small groups.  Mixed ability grouping works well to help all students in this type of activity.
  5. Arrange the cards in a random method on each group table.  Randomization helps to guarantee students KNOW the content and have not simply memorized an ordered arrangement. 
  6. Have students number their paper for quiz.  This may be an assessment you collect, or could be for students to keep in their notebook for further review.
  7. Allow students to pick from quiz cards, completing questions in a random order.  Have students answer in simple wording or require full sentences to help reinforce ideas. 
  8. Give students the option of discussing questions with group for more interactivity.
  9. Grade as a whole class for added review.
Using quiz cards and allowing student discussion not only assesses student understanding and content knowledge, but it works to review the content for added reinforcement.

***My Presidents Scavenger Hunt is shown in this activity how-to.

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Middle or high school teachers can make your assessments more interactive with this how-to on using quiz cards in the classroom. Number 8 is my favorite. #teaching

Happy Teaching!
Michele Luck

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