How-To Do a Scavenger Hunt in Your Classroom

Scavenger Hunts come in a variety of formats and can be used in a variety of ways in the classroom.  Unfortunately, this often means we are overwhelmed with how to use them most effectively in our classrooms with our students.

Here's a simple how-to for doing a scavenger hunt:
  1. Gather Scavenger Hunt Sets or Resources.  Keep in mind that some sets only include the task or question cards, while others will provide the readings and content, as well.  Choose what will work best for your students.  If readings or content is needed, gather the resources and place them around the room.
  2. Print and laminate all materials for repeated year-to-year use.  Hole punch your materials and place them on a ring to easily store them when not in use.
  3. Place reading cards or resources all around the classroom (or school).  Hide them in places where students can search, including in other resources!
  4. Assign students partners or into small groups.
  5. Give our a graphic organizer for the activity, or simply have students number their papers for the number of cards/questions in the activity.
  6. Provide each group one question card at a time.  Set a time limit for each card, and use to keep students on task.
  7. Review all questions at the end of class to check for accuracy and student completion. 
  8. Encourage discussion and always wrap-up the lesson with an exit slip or formative assessment task!   
Keep in mind, you can always expand on a scavenger hunt activity. Hunt cards can turn into research projects, reading cards can lead to writing prompts, and whole activities can lead to class bulletin boards or topic walls!  Your and your student's imagination can take you far with any Scavenger Hunt set!

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Great how-to tips and ideas for teachers doing scavenger hunt activities in the middle or high school classroom. Fun for students and filled with content for learning! Check out how easy it is to do!

Happy Teaching!
Michele Luck

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