How-To Make Archeology Digs Content-Strong

Many engaging classroom activities are fun, but are they content-strong?  Do they encourage skills practice that will help students learn at a higher level?  Can they involve critical thinking or analysis skills that will foster continued growth in the student's academic career?

Here's my simple How-To for making an Archeology Dig content-strong!

First off, you must create and set up the archeology dig!  Here's a how-to for that easy task!

Next, you need to make sure it has the content and the depth of learning for your students.

Here's how to:
  1. Start off with resources that encourage critical thinking or analysis.
  2. Do not allow students to simply copy facts or not what they see.  Require further analysis on all materials examined. 
  3. Encourage the use of a graphic organizer to categorize content or prioritize information.
  4. Allow student discussion of topics and provide additional resources or tools for further investigation.
  5. Tie content back to previous lessons and require students reference those lessons in current tasks, restating content.
  6. Include wrap-up questions and review the dig activity with a whole-class discussion.
  7. Assign application activities that require higher-order thinking and the deeper use of the content collected in the activity.
  8. Encourage student review and reporting of information collected.  Reinforce the content through quizzes or other assessments that utilize the activity materials.
Any activity can be content-strong if the right skills are practiced in its use.  Never rely on any resource to be the teacher in the classroom.  While resources can provide the basic information, you are the one that brings the learning home for your students!

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Great how-to tips and ideas for teachers doing archeology dig activities in the middle or high school Social Studies classroom. Fun for students and filled with content for learning! Check out how easy it is to do!

Happy Teaching!

Michele Luck

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